It has been known to be a widely accepted exuberance to think you want to listen to a particular song in your new car stereo.

Well, ever since have been listening to people exhilaration speech, whenever they talking to me about that song they want to jam upon driving home their new car.

I will just smile and try to search through my own mind too on which song I will like to listen to first. Many dope songs go just dey rush me 😜

Perhaps, I think the tempo of song you will be willing to hear depends on different factors spanning from your mood, the hustle that gave you the Car money, the type of car and probably the Kind of people that followed you to the merchant car lots.

I personally gave this a very shallow thought and I came to the conclusion the song I will jam first in my car anytime I get myself a brand new one is going to be Wetin We Gain by Victor AD.

That particular song talks about the necessities of having money and getting to use the money to sort many pressing factors and also getting a very luxurious car was part of it. Mainly that’s am picking this particular song.

Hence, I think we all have that one highly spiritual, motivational or groovy song that we wants to listen to in our first car.

So Guys 👇

Tell Us, What Is The Song You Are Listening To First When You Get Your First Car?