Many of us here have been foodies right from childhood. It’s a good thing though but the amount of money we’re spending on food these days is just too much and It’s paining some of us.

Why? 😟

Okay, when you get to any upscale eatery or tush eatery especially on the Island and you order for a plate of rice and chicken which is about 1,500 Naira, do you always get satisfied?

Most of us have stomachs that are not filled easily? Or is it Pizza that will fill up our stomachs?

But still, even in this period, some of us have this food we can’t do without eating in a week.

For some people, it’s Rice, and for others, it’s the bricklayer’s food, Bread and Beans.

I know people who eat Bread and Beans every day! And others can’t do without eating Pizza or Chicken and Chips in a week, they might fall sick.

But Really, What’s That Food You Can’t Do Without In A Week?