Hello Guys,

All work and no play makes us all a dull hustler so they say, and that’s why this post was brought up to have fun and laugh out our sorrow

English Language is Nigeria official language but has also been very difficult for 45% of Nigerians because English is not our indigenous language.

The poor performance in English language follows many secondary school students to the universities , which eventually produce many graduates who can neither speak nor write English well . Over time , the poor standard of English language usage has seeped through the entire society.

When you see people who were force to speak English language in Nigeria, you will laugh mercilessly and that’s the main reason everyone is used to our Nigeria English popularly called “Pidgin

Let’s all make fun out of these problems in Nigeria. My English to burst your brain is “How much is your age”? And remember saying something is important but reasonable contributions is Importanter.

So Guys 👇

Drop Your Own Bomb To Make Someone Faint.

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