Okay guys, 2018 has been a fantastic year for Nigerian Music. Our artistes have gained recognition overseas, won several global awards and of course dropped several hit songs.

Majority of the hit songs we’ve heard this year have come from our regular guys, Wizkid gave us Soco and Fake LoveDavido came Through with AssuranceOlamidedropped Science Student and Motigbana. But have we forgotten we got one from the King, 2Baba with Amaka and Victor AD also gave us Wetin We Gain.

We could go on and on to mention hits we’ve heard this year, but to be sincere and let’s say the truth, we’ve heard some wack songs this year. They were songs with a nice beat, but the artistes didn’t come through and the entire product came out as trash to be sincere.

I know some of us are racking our brain to which song has been really wack this year. I’ll give you a few examples:

Wizkid – Commando

Big respect to the whole Starboy Team for a successful year so far aside the deadbeat stuff. But after releasing SocoWizkid collaborated with Mut4y and Ceeza Milli on a Spellz Produced beat to give us a lackluster song in which they later titled Commando. I’ll enjoin us to listen to the song again.

I probably think Wizkid entered the studio and just blarbs on the beat as the song lacks meaningful lyrics.

Davido – Flora My Flawa

If there was one song Davido sang in 2018 that refused to turn to a hit, it would be Flora My Flawa.

The beat isn’t extraordinary as Davido decides to switch to a low tempo beat and says in the opening verse “If your behind was my class, I’ll never ever miss my school“. What’s that? And again, he’s screaming at some points in the song knowing filly well his voice isn’t really good.

Olamide – Puna

Olamide released several hit songs this year that didn’t evolve into a hit song. Amongst them was a poor quality song titled Puna.

You all know what Puna is but it’s the content of the song that’s really alarming and got us wondering if Olamide, baddest Guy ever liveth really sat down to sing this song.

Did someone record for him?

Check the chorus below:

Wake up in the morning [Puna], Ring ring on my celly [Puna]
Open Instagram [Puna], Then I go Twitter [Puna]
Then I check Facebook [Puna], kilo wa de bayi [Puna]
Won fe pami [Puna], kilode [Puna] bayi [Puna, …….]

There were several wack songs released this year too. Slimcase‘s first song went back to where it came from a few weeks after it was released.

I also heard you guys are not feeling Wizkid‘s two new sings, Fever and Master Groove.

Be sincere guys 👇🏽

So Many Low Quality Songs These Days But Which Song Has Been Your Worst So Far This Year?

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